Violet’s main aim at the moment is to increase her mobility and to be able to walk un-aided by staff so that she can regain some of her independence .

In order to achieve this Violet is having physiotherapy weekly , mobility exercise one to one fortnightly and also trying to participate with as many group exercise classes as she can attend. Although Violet never learned to swim she is so determined to achieve this goal she agreed to visit a hydrotherapy pool to help with her mobility , strength and confidence .

Violet said about the experience

“ we never had chance to learn to swim as it was wartime, I was 10 or 11 and in a Catholic School a good school but we never went swimming, when I saw other people swimming it was hard because I didn’t know how. I was a little nervous about the pool but knew it was going to be good for my mobility, I felt fine in the water because I had lots of support, I would defiantly like to go again and I did feel safe. I was really please that I managed to go from one side of the pool to the other at nearly 90 years of age.”