Latest News at Herefordshire Care Homes

A trip to the seaside for the residents at Hazelhurst

What a fantastic day at Weston -Super- Mare. Everyone had a great day out. Fish and chips, ice cream and doughnuts and plenty of exercise

Herefordshire Care Homes Launches their Well-being Wheel

The launch of the Wellbeing Wheel! A tool to help us delve deeper into what constitutes a perfect day for our residents. It will help us understand what matters most, what helps them feel safe, where they like to spend their time, and how they like to spend it. We will find out what helps our residents feel healthy, what helps them feel independent, and what feeds not only their body, but their soul too! Finally, its important to still have goals and aspirations no matter what age, so we will endeavor to find out what goals our residents are yet to achieve so we can support them to achieve them. The staff tried it out first with some fabulous results . We’ll be chatting to residents and their families and friends all about it in the coming days and trialing it to see how we can help to achieve the most Perfect Day possible.

Dulas Court receive Royal correspondence

Dulas Court recently held a poetry workshop where residents were able to give their views on our Queen and her 70 years of service to our country. These words were written down and sent to her Majesty at Buckingham Palace and we were absolutely delighted this week when we received the enclosed letter from Windsor

Herefordshire Care Homes celebrate Queen Elizabeths Platinum Jubilee

Celebrating the queens 70 years on the throne, all of our residents had a wonderful time of celebrations and events from Garden Parties to BBQ's too activities. Here are some photos of some of the wonderful events that we held over the celebrations Long may Queen Elizabeths reign continue

Highwell House takes a visit to the Seaside

What a fabulous day at Weston Super Mare the sun gods were certainly on our side today! Walking along the sea front and the pier with the spring sun warming our faces, and the sea breeze blowing through our hair, just wonderful It was even more special because Peggy’s daughter Jane drove up from her home in Cornwall to join us, and Cyril’s wife Margaret also joined us for the day Team Highwell thank you for everything a huge team effort to enable this day to run so smoothly. Not just the staff who came to Weston, but the maintenance guys who sorted the vehicles, the night staff who supported residents to be ready for an early breakfast and sorted their medication, the day staff who came in early specifically to help organise everyone so we could be on the road by 9am, and the support staff who ensured everyone had a good breakfast to set us up for the day You are all superheroes