Les worked at the coal mines, in Merthyr Tydfil throughout his youth, when not in the pits as a pit man, on the ground as their manager. He has many stories to tell, some funny , some sad and each and every one of them inspirational. He is very proud of his working career and talks, with the highest respect, of the men that worked with him.
Les was invited on a road trip to The Big Pit museum in Blaenavon, his first reaction was to laugh. “Why would I want to go there? I’ve spent enough times down the pits to last a lifetime!”
With a little persuasion, and the promise of some coffee and cake thrown into the bargain, Les finally agreed to come. I believe more so to keep us happy than for his own pleasure!
On arriving at the Pits Les began reminiscing. His attitude had completely changed and he become this fountain of the most amazing information! He talked in, great detail, about each piece of machinery we approached. He told stories of his time in the pits, remembering the smells, the noise, the fear, the toil and sweat and the teamwork. He talked about the horses and every aspect of his working days.
We had visitors move closer to listen in on what he was telling us, and tour guides introduce themselves, so proud to meet such a special man.
Les has since said, many times, how very pleased he was to visit Big Pit. He appreciated being given the opportunity and would love to return again, for longer!